Agile transitions start and stop at the leadership level. Nothing will accelerate a shift in organizational thinking faster than when "official" leaders behave in a way that represents the new mindset. A big part of the mindset is that the primary job of leadership is to accelerate the growth of more leaders. When leaders put enabling self organization front and center, magical things can happen.

It's a pretty tall ask.

This section of the book will be about Agile Leadership. I'll present a set of leadership principles that are key to consider, along with associated behaviors and practices. I'll provide readers with options and approaches they can consider as alternatives to the big batch, bureaucratic, and largely broken approaches to governance that are typical of today's enterprise. I'll suggest thinking tools and practices that leaders can use to effectively engage with agile teams.

My updates to this section of the book can be found here. Like other sections of this book, MVP 1 will simply be a collection of artifacts I have created and shared will helping various clients on this topic.

Please take a look here. You can also access the entire work in progress version of the book on this page.

Of course, if you want to articulate your interest in a more explicit way, pick up a copy of the latest book in progress on leanpub.