Today, we are proud to launch a new look and website for Agile By Design.

This thing we call agile has continued to change and evolve since we launched the business 12 years ago, and so have we. On the positive side practices that support concepts like progressive management and  the human workspace are becoming much more ingrained in the types of change we work so hard with our community and clients to enable . On the not so great side, there is an increasingly popular vein of agile that places way to much emphasis on the things that hardly matter, and agile is increasingly looking like the thing it was supposed to help us move away from.

I have always prided myself on being able to grow a team that has real passion for the craft, who embrace the challenge of enabling others to thrive in the face of uncertainty.  We still love the message that we believe is core to agile, but we strongly believe that agile needs to continue to evolve if it is to stay relevant.

With that in mind we are updating our branding and messaging to better reflect how we can all embrace new ways of working to better meet the needs of the future. This starts with placing more emphasis on the more human approaches we can take to equip organizations so that they can facilitate their shift to a more progressive culture. We feel strongly that Big A Agile needs to take a backseat to the meaningful changes that result in better, happier outcomes delivered sooner.

While our look and feel may have changed, the people (and clients) that make Agile By Design a special place to work have not.  Led by my partners Andrew Larosa, Taimur Mohammad and Sean Deschamps, our wicked smart team of 30 agile practitioners are going beyond traditional agile to help our clients become more progressive organizations by helping create environments of thoughtful autonomy, safety and transparency.

Here's to a new chapter at Agile By Design, and beyond!