At Agile by Design, we believe that sometimes you need to move backward to go forward and that there are always valuable lessons to be learned from someone’s else’s trials and tribulations. On Whiplash agile podcast, you’ll hear compelling stories told by people who have deep in the trenches experience with agile transformations.

Episode 7: Greg Lahn

Breaking Down Silos: Agile Innovations in Banking. In this episode, we're joined by Greg Lahn, a financial services leader and one of the first clients of Agile by Design. Over the past six to seven years, Greg has skillfully scaled his leadership role within the global transaction banking sector at Scotiabank, expanding and modernizing technology-driven services from payments to broader banking solutions by harnessing agile methodologies and transformative leadership insights.

Episode 6: Ashley Beattie

In this episode, Jeff Anderson is joined by an exceptional guest, Ashley Beattie, expert in technology, AI, and the startup scene. Together, they explore how AI is poised to become the core operating system of future organizations and how this is reshaping the landscape of knowledge work.

Episode 5: Nada Buhendi

In this episode, host Jeff Anderson engages in a profound conversation with Nada Buhendi, the CEO of Unleashing Your Awesome, renowned for her innovative approaches to leveraging technology and product management experiences for professional advancement.

Episode 4: Gil Broza

Host Jeff Anderson sits down with the one and only Gil Broza, a beacon in the agile community known for his profound insights into leadership, technology coaching, and the human aspects of agile methodologies.

Episode 3: Colleen Johnson

In this episode, we talk about the transformative world of agile practices with the remarkable Colleen Johnson. Known for her pioneering work in making the agile community more inclusive and diverse, Colleen shares invaluable insights on fostering a welcoming environment for all, regardless of their journey’s stage in the agile landscape.

Episode 2: Brent Reynolds

Join host Jeff Anderson as he delves into the dynamic world of ‘Adaptive Planning’ with our special guest, Brent Reynolds. This episode is a treasure trove for anyone looking to revolutionize their project management strategies.

Episode 1: Scott Ambler

In this episode, our host Jeff Anderson engages in an insightful conversation with Scott Ambler, the pioneer behind ‘Disciplined Agile Delivery’. Together, they talk about the complexities and transformative power of agile in today’s fast-paced business environment.

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