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We are
by design.

by design.

We didn’t become experts overnight. Each of us has celebrated triumph and learned from losses. We’ve gained valuable lessons from every experience. What we’ve learned shapes our counsel and our guidance.


The beginning

Our team led the delivery of large-scale IT projects. We pushed the boundaries and changed the status quo. We employed agile methods, including the power of collaboration and feedback, to find better ways to deliver software.


Spreading our wings

We started consulting with clients by suggesting ways they could rethink their businesses. We established ourselves as agile experts in a tier-one consulting firm by encouraging fresh ideas that evolved organizational design and transformation.


A Five-Year Adventure

Within five years, our team grew from a small local group into a global force, providing agile and agile-adjacent coaching and mentorship to clients in nine countries.


Big Move in 2015

Having grown our team to over 30 experts, we supported businesses worldwide, running Lean-Agile IT transformations. Our culmination of 12 years’ experience led to the official formation of “Agile by Design.”


Beyond Agile

Having learned from both success and failure in helping large organizations shift the way they run their business, we have expanded our offering to help our clients to become more progressive organizations. Taking inspiration from the success stories of self managing organizations, we are now going beyond traditional agile to help create environment of thoughtful autonomy, safety, and  transparency.

Impactful by design


We helped clients revive struggling programs with budget as large as $100M/year


Reduction in customer wait time with streamlined workflow


increase in
delivery frequency


Defect reduction released into production for teams we have coached

Our values

Purposeful by design


You won’t always see us in suits and ties, but we know our stuff. We pride ourselves in being thought leaders who can provide a professional and pragmatic consulting experience. We develop solutions that make sense for real people.


We love what we do. You can feel it in our energy and the fun we bring to work. Come join us at one of our upcoming offsites to get to know us better.


Creating safe spaces is our priority. We want you to feel that you can speak up, share ideas, or ask questions. When we understand each other better, we thrive together.


We take a unique path, not always travelled by other consultancies. We’re not here to dictate. We’re here to help, guide, and work alongside you.

by design

Like you, we rise to overcome the challenges that stand between us and our goals. Meet our pro players on this winning team.

Jeff Anderson

President, CEO

Shelisa Bainbridge

Head of Innovation

Andrew Larosa


Taimur Mohammad


Sean Deschamps


Junbin Huang

DevOps Lead

Adeeb Dhanani

Lead Domain Architect

Aneta Filiciak

Head of Product Development

Ashley Beattie

AI Lead

Akwasi Asamoah

Aleks Poldma

Barbara Wodnicka

Head of Operations

Brian Daly

Brian Holmes

Carlos Puche

Ciara Gawdiak

Eric Shickluna

Ervin Rexha

Eva Yung

Fayyaz Hemani

Felipe Silva

Hasnein Jeraj

Hugo Medeiros

Jagoda Walczyk

James Arsenault

Jason McCargar

Malcolm Bastien

Michelle Yu

Ramen Booko

Tanya Conner-Green

Tyler Motherwell

Waliya Chaudhry

Wessam Nasser

Will Davis

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