What do we mean when we say "we are Agile" (Don't forget to capitalize the A)? When you say Agile are you talking about the same thing I am? Do we agree when we say we are now "done" our Agile Transformation?

No we don't. My definition of what it means for a team/department/organization/enterprise to be agile does not match yours. If you are an enterprise leader and I am an professional agile coach it is likely that our definitions of what it means to be agile won't even be close.

And it likely never will be.

Check my first bit of work on the topic, this initial chapter is about 50% of the way there. I'll be adding 2 - 3 more chapters to this topic in the upcoming week or so.

You can also access the entire work in progress version of the book on this page. Or better yet show your support by picking up a copy here, with the caveat that right now it reads better online than through leanpub