Agile is a way of structuring your people so that they can self-organize more effectively, improve how they talk to customers, bolster collaboration, and respond to change faster.

Agile is also a lot more than that, but most Agile Transition Initiatives could do a lot worse than by starting and stopping with one simple premise. So, a major part of this book will be focused on helping to define and refine organizing structure that increases, rather than interferes with agility.

People who know me, know that this is a topic I am pretty passionate about, so it's likely one I will elaborate on earlier than the rest of this book.

The first MVP of this section is little more than a set of links to other resources I have written / assembled on the topic, hopefully these assets will inspire someone to recast their organization as a set of agile teams. Have a look, or better yet inspire me to write more by purchasing a heavily discounted copy of the book.